Viral Vectors
Viral Vectors
Innoforce is a technical-driven CDMO committed to delivering innovative technologies and scale-up knowledge to bring reliable and high-quality products to clients.
Our expertise in viral vector manufacturing addresses purification, scaling up, and control challenges. Innoforce has in-depth knowledge of several viral vectors, including lentiviral vectors (LVV), adeno-associated virus vectors (AAV), and retroviral vectors.
Innoforce Viral Vector Offerings
The Innoforce team has, on average, over ten years of experience each manufacturing viral vector products. We recognize that viral vectors are crucial in developing cell and gene therapies and the need to strictly control the manufacturing and release processes. Partnering with Innoforce, the path from pre-clinical to commercialization can be expedited in adherent and suspension batches up to 500L.
01 GMP manufacturing
Viral vector manufacturing for clinical trials and commercial supply strictly follows cGMP guidelines. Our facilities were designed to meet ICH guidance, and all equipment is qualified, calibrated, and maintained to ensure good working conditions. Additionally, personnel training, documentation, and raw materials are all fully GMP compliant. This way, we ensure reliable and high-yield viral vector products, meeting rigorous quality control to ensure safety, potency, and consistency.
02 Process development
We aim to develop robust and scalable processes that produce high-quality viral vectors in large quantities. We also support our clients’ chemistry, manufacturing & controls (CMC) operations and applications. Our regulatory experts can navigate local landscapes and guarantee comprehensive support, including regulatory strategies, agency communications, documentation filings, inspections, and other tasks to enable regulatory success.
03 Platform process
With accumulated experience and a deep understanding of viral vectors, we have developed a platform process that significantly accelerates timelines for manufacturing. Together we will evaluate each project and build a strategy that ensures success.
Analytical Capabilities
Innoforce has established robust and reproducible analytical methods based on the current regulatory environment and clients’ needs. We can perform more than 122 analytical assays and provide clients with multiple method options to balance efficiency, compliance, and costs.
Quality Attribute
GeneralAppearanceVisual inspection
pHpH Meter
IdentificationFunctional gene identificationSanger
TiterFunctional titerFACS
Physical titerELISA 
SafetySterilityCompendial Method
EndotoxinCompendial Method
RCL-rapid releaseddPCR

Facility & Capacity
Innoforce provides competent capacities and capabilities to satisfy unmet needs in viral vector supply.
Process Development Lab
BSL-2 labs support process development, analytical development, and quality control
GMP Facility
State-of-the-art facilities to support GMP manufacturing Segregated suites mitigating contamination risks Three viral vector production lines Two fill/finish lines
Capacity & Capability
Adherent & suspension systems Cell factory, iCellis, bioreactors Up to 500L scales
1500 Fannie Dorsey Road Sykesville, MD 21784 USA +1 (224) 430-0311
No. 376 Fengtu Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China +86 571 8281 6679
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