Empowering Advanced Therapeutics
Empowering Advanced Therapeutics
One-Stop CDMO for
RNA, Cell and Gene Therapy
Innoforce enables the innovation and global supply of plasmid DNA, RNA, cell & gene therapeutics, powered by a world-class manufacturing & development hub. With extensive expertise in process development and manufacturing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), Innoforce can be a trusted partner for your innovative ATMP projects from R&D through commercialization.
Plasmid DNA
LNP Encapsulation
Viral Vectors
Plasmid DNA
Plasmid DNA is a starting material for advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP), including RNA therapy, viral vector-based cell therapy and gene therapy. Innoforce has a broad-spectrum of proprietary technologies in development and manufacturing of plasmid DNA. We offer different grades and services to support your programs from pre-clinical phase through clinical and commercial phases.
The rapid advances in mRNA technology enable the introduction of any functional proteins into human body, bringing great hope to combat a wide range of incurable diseases. Innoforce integrates innovation and accumulated experience to deliver best-in-class mRNA products and streamline the development of your mRNA therapeutics.
LNP Encapsulation
The instability of the mRNA structure makes it easy to degrade in vivo. Lipid nanoparticles (LNP) are one of the most commonly used delivery systems that allow mRNA to release safely and effectively in target organs. With years of dedication to developing LNP delivery systems, Innoforce possesses a series of proprietary technologies and robust manufacturing processes.
Viral Vectors
As a technical-driven CDMO, we are committed to delivering innovative technologies and scale-up knowledge to bring reliable and high-quality products to clients. Our expertise in viral vector manufacturing addresses challenges in purification, scaling up and control, and we share in-depth knowledge across different viral vectors, including lentiviral vectors, AAV and retrovirus.
Experienced Technical Team
We are led by an industry seasoned management team who spent years in leading bioharma and biotech companies driving multiple successful innovative biologics from development through commercialization. We want to help your project achieve the same success with our expertise and experience.
End-to-end Service
Our state-of-the-art process development center and GMP facility covers an area of 21 acres to support end-to-end CDMO service from process development through commercial GMP manufacturing, including primary ATMP modalities (RNA, LNP, viral vectors and cell therapy).
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