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PM assistant

PM assistant

Job Responsibility:

  • Responsible for PD and MFG internal and external project management, assist the project management department to make the overall project work plan and promote the project operation according to the research strategies in different stages of the project development. Promote each project according to the established project work plan, promote the delivery of each project stakeholder at each project node time, and timely report the work progress. Manage the project time node, monitor the whole process and implementation of the project.
  • Regularly organize project meetings, coordinate the progress of all project stakeholders, supervise the project operation, timely discover and organize relevant smes to solve the problems encountered in the project, communicate and adjust relevant plans, and ensure the normal operation of the project.
  • Work closely with GMP production, R&D, quality, regulatory and other cross-functional departments to ensure smooth implementation of projects and GMP compliance.
  • Assist production Director to make strategic planning, annual plan and target decomposition of each stage, draft work summary and other official documents of production department at each stage.
  • Assist the production director to manage the operation of the production department and all functional departments, coordinate the relationship between internal departments, review the implementation of the work of each department, cross-departmental coordination to increase work efficiency, cooperate with the production director to deal with external public relations, participate in the planning, arrangement and organization of the company’s large-scale public relations activities;
  • Assist production director to arrange meeting schedule and agenda, write and follow up meeting minutes;

Job Requirements:

  • Education required: Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, engineering or management.
  • Major requirements: 2 years related experience in biopharmaceutical or biotechnology industry or 2 years project management experience.
  • Proven track record of leading manufacturing team in ATMP biomanufacturing industry. Demonstrated leadership skills in building team and developing the team. Great team player and ability to build positive collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • Excellent communications skills (verbal, written and presentation skills).
  • Proficient in office software and word processing ability.
  • Familiar with GMP, National Drug Administration Law and other related laws.
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