Our Culture

Our mission is to make high quality biopharmaceuticals available and affordable to patients in China and the rest of the world, to improve health and save lives.

We are self-driven entrepreneurs with a great passion to propel global biopharmaceutical development. Our leadership team is composed of seasoned scientific leaders and organizational executives. We have a proven track record in global business, from discovery and development to commercialization. Our team also brings world-class expertise in biopharmaceutical CMC and manufacturing of high quality medicines.

Innoforce has a culture and environment that attracts and grows talent, both locally and internationally. The Innoforce campus resides in a strategically competitive location next to the Hangzhou XiaoShan International Airport.

Innoforce charity walks

Annual New year party

Hangzhou Xianghu half marathon

Charity Bike Ride

1st Annual New Year party

Team Building-Mo Gan Mountain