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Innoforce and dMed Collaborate to Accelerate the Development of Innovative Therapeutics

HANGZHOU and SHANGHAI (March 2, 2021) – Innoforce, a biopharmaceutical innovation enabling platform and PDMO (Partner Development and Manufacturing Organization), and dMed, a clinical CRO with strong presence in China and the US – the world’s two largest pharmaceutical and drug development markets, have signed an agreement under which the two parties agreed to establish a partnership to identify, assess, and collaborate on the development of clinical-stage therapeutics.

Dr. Lingshi Tan, founder and CEO of dMed said, “Our partnership with Innoforce will provide a powerful avenue to help clinical-stage therapeutic development programs from small and medium companies and to accelerate the pace of clinical development.”

The collaboration between the two companies will focus on advancing access to the latest innovative drugs for Chinese patients in addition to enhancing pharmaceutical manufacturing and development opportunities globally.

“Innovative biologic drugs, as well as cell and gene therapies, are the future drivers of biomedicine.” said Dr. Yuling Li, the CEO of Innoforce, “The unique PDMO (partner development manufacturing organization) model that Innoforce is pioneering based on global quality manufacturing capabilities combined with our collaboration with dMed will bring the highest global standards to our partners’ cutting-edge pharmaceutical research and development for China and the World.”

Over the past 10 years, global demand for biologics has increased to 42% of the total clinical pipeline.* In China alone, the anticipated growth rate for biopharmaceutical drugs is 15% over the next five years, with an estimated 1,000 biologics molecules in preclinical pipeline, many from new or emerging China-based companies.

The companies associated with the Innoforce and dMed collaboration will be housed on the Innoforce campus in Hangzhou. Central to the campus is Innforce CGTx Services, a CDMO which provides commercially capable manufacturing platforms for gene and cell therapy products, and a biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility that supplies large-molecule drugs globally through Thermo Fisher Biopharma Services (Hangzhou) LTD, a joint venture between Innoforce and Thermo Fisher. The Innoforce campus is a gateway facilitating the commercialization of biopharmaceutical products in China, the US, Europe, and the rest of the world.

About dMed

dMed is a full-service Clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO), which provides industry solutions to pharmaceutical and medical device companies in China and across the globe. dMed is led by experts in China and the US who originated from leading multinational pharma companies and regulatory agencies. dMed is uniquely positioned to leverage and integrate China’s new regulatory framework, offer innovative drug development strategies, and help clients expand globally by tapping into the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market. dMed’s creative and flexible collaboration models will help Chinese and global innovative pharma companies effectively raise efficiency in clinical R&D, scientifically shorten the research cycle, and boost the success rate.

About Innoforce

Innoforce is located within the Hangzhou Airport Economic Zone and is the Hangzhou Bay Biotech Valley’s core enterprise. The core team, led by Dr. Goliang Yu, Chairman, and Dr. Yuling Li, CEO, has extensive experience in technology innovation, product development, business operations, and commercial development of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. Innoforce is establishing global product development and biomanufacturing capabilities to facilitate the development and commercialization of innovative medicines and provide venture management expertise, product development guidance, manufacturing capabilities, R&D capabilities, and equity investment to select partners.

The first phase of the Innoforce campus will cover 21 hectares of land, with a total construction area of 590,550 square feet. It meets international GMP standards for monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, plasmid DNA, viral vectors, cell and gene therapy manufacturing plants, and bioprocess development laboratories. There are four 2,000 liters and three 500 liters for monoclonal antibody production lines, two filling lines, three 500 liters for viral vectors lines, and three 300 liters for plasmid production lines. In the second phase, several production lines will be expanded to provide production capacity for global biomedical development to 2,000 liters (with the ability to increase to 5,000 liters) for monoclonal antibodies, 2,000 liters for viral vectors, and 300 liters for plasmids.

* Source: Pharma Intelligence, Pharmaprojects database

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