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Empowering your Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

Innoforce enables the innovation and global supply of plasmid DNA, RNA, cell and gene medicinal products, powered by a world-class manufacturing and development hub with CDMO services. With extensive experience in process development and global GMP manufacturing, Innoforce can be your trusted partner for your innovative ATMP projects from R&D through commercialization.

Accelerate your ATMP projects with our comprehensive CDMO platform

Plasmid DNA

Production of GMP, GMP-like, and Research grades of plasmid DNA to fulfill diverse needs for research, pre-clinical, and clinical applications.

  • Capability for mRNA, circRNA, saRNA, and other types of RNA.
  • Process development including RNA synthesis, purification, and LNP encapsulation.
  • GMP manufacturing scaling from 1g to 50g.
Viral Vector
  • Process development and manufacturing scaling from 50L to 500L for AAV, Lentivirus, and others.
  • Support suspension and adherent cell culture processes.
  • Adaptable for HEK293 and other cell systems.
Cell Therapeutics
  • Process development and manufacturing of autologous and allogeneic cell therapeutics, including CAR-T, TCR-T, NK/CAR-NK, TIL, MSC, dendritic cells and other adoptive cell therapies.
  • Additionally, Center of excellence in Baltimore, Maryland specialized preclinical stage services, including process development, analytical development and testing support.
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